Enssim for Excel

Almost all Enssim software has been developed using Delphi as a powerful 4th generation language. Flowsheeting of complex can be done relatively easily using Enssim. However, to use Enssim, some basic Delphi skills are required. Many engineers do not master the Delphi language. However, most engineers master Excel. For those people EnssimForExcelWin7 has been developed. This software package renders a subset of the large Delphi based Enssim package to be used under the Excel environment.

EnssimForExcelWin7Demo is an Excel add-in package, consisting of two add-in files, for the calculation of the thermodynamic and transport properties of gaseous fuels, combustion air and other types of oxidants and flue gases and any number of mixtures thereof. The software can be used for the determination of the heat and mass balance of thermal systems. The thermodynamic functions also allow the calculation of properties in the wet region. Thermodynamics is not restricted to the ideal gas law. Advanced non-ideal gas models have been applied to allow property calculations in region where large deviations from ideal gas behaviour exist. In addition, special properties like dew point, wet bulb temperature and the acid dew point are available. The EnssimForExcelWin7Demo software also includes the property functions software which are intended for calculations of systems where water/steam or refrigerants are the process media.

In dealing with fuels and oxidants one must often input compositional data. These data can be entered by way of a gas composition dialog that can be opened by a simple button click. After that, these entered compositional data can be retrieved by using the name given to the composition rather than by elaborate and error-prone selection of ranges of cells that represent gas mixture compositions.

Furthermore quite a number of unit operation functions will ease the user in performing flowsheeting in Excel for relatively simple flowsheets.

The software is intended to be used as an Add-in for Excel2007 or later. The user is able to access the various properties by simple function calls in his or her worksheet, in the same manner as he or she would use the standard mathematical or financial functions built in Excel. The property functions within EnssimForExcelWin7Demo can also be used in VBA. This opens a whole new world of possibilities for thermal engineers experienced in VBA programming to enhance productivity in their daily work. Examples of using the software within VBA code will be given in this manual.

System requirements

System requirements are modest, viz.:

Demo version

A demo version of EnssimForExcelWin7 can be downloaded here.

The downloaded file EnssimForExcelWin7Demo is a self-extracting executable. After running this file, the following directories will have been created:

C:\Enssim Software\Installed Software\EnssimForExcelWin7\1.0\Demo and

C:\Enssim Software\Installed Software\EnssimForExcelWin7\1.0\Demo\Samples

Open the Excel file EnssimForExcelDemo.xls to grasp the possibilities of EnssimForExelWin7. Please also consult the installed manual to find out more on the package.The demo version is a full version of EnssimForExcelWin7Demo. The only difference is that the allowable range of process data is restricted. The restrictions are:

Property function evaluations for pressure and temperature out of range will return the value -9999, EnssimForExcelWin7Demo generic error value. 

Ordering EnssimForExcelWin7

More information on ordering EnssimForExcelWin7 can be found on the Ordering page