Enssim is the name of the software package developed by Enssim software for the flowsheeting of thermodynamic systems. The package is the product of 30 years of software development using Turbo Pascal and Delphi as the programming languages. The phrase "thermodynamic systems" must be taken in a broad sense: not only power and heat systems are comprised but also chemical process units that might serve energetic puposes.

Systems that have been analysed using Enssim include: 

The type of flowsheet calculation carried out using Enssim are:

Enssim differs considerably from the usual flowsheeting packages. The main difference is that Enssim is not a stand-alone application but rather a large thermodynamic tool kit running under the Delphi programming environment. 

Target groups

Enssim is intended for:

Sample flowsheet 

Below you will find a sample flowsheet of a system that has been analysed using Enssim. It comprises the gasification part of a complex power station. The entire power station consisting of 7 sheets of higher or similar complexity has been analysed using Enssim only.